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For Sale in USA and Canada


Our line of business has been established since 1992.
Today we serve all United States and Canada. You can see our custom-made mobile restaurants and catering trailers in places like Miami, Tampa, Florida, Hawaii, New York, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Ohio and many other cities.

And of course, our CALIFORNIA food trucks are the best in town.

We also make special arrangement for exporting internationally



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Custom Food Trucks for Sale  
Channel 10 News FoodCartUSA
Channel 10 News with Tania Ramirez



Miami Local News




Take a quick peek into our business through this Local News interview.

It brings me great pleasure seeing most of the innovative food trucks become a reality. This makes me feel fortunate; seen our clients positive attitude, and materializing their ideas.

Doing this doesn’t feel like work because I do love what I do. Most importantly, our customers are like family,

Tania Ramirez


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In The News

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site FoodCart USA. We manufacture custom food trucks specific to your needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure their mobile restaurant has everything they need for preparing delicious food.


If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.


FoodCart USA custom made trucks are certified for quality.


Expect the best innovative Vending Trucks: reliability, low maintenance and maximum efficiency.


As quality manufacturer, all our clients get best value. Our referrals include top chefs featured in the Food Network Channel.

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Latin Burger Truck

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Cafe de Wheels

  Taco Truck


Barrio Tequila Truck


Bocaditos food truck




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